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GSX315v2 Sport 20/ P-FE Hydroplane Kit

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    Welcome to the future of Sport Hydroplane racing. The all new ML Boatworks GSX315v2 Sport 20/ P-FE Hydroplane is, make that TWO impressive machines. After many months of design, two dedicated hull designs were complete...a nitro version, and an FE version. Specific platforms to fit your demands! Who else other than ML Boatworks would you expect this kind of flexibility?

    The final product left no stone un-turned, and the way this boat runs shows it paid off! This boat is ready to hit the race course and stake its claim. This boat is fast and stable not only in calm water, but also in rough and windy conditions. With this 31" hydroplane- just pull the trigger, hold it wide open!

    The V2 advantage. Released 3/26/2018, this new Version 2 model has a few updates that will make a great hull, even better. The first change was both sponsons were widened from top, to bottom. This width change, will not only add stability in the turns under high power, but it adds a wider ride pad for better hull flotation for heavy battery setups while the hull is sitting dead still in the water. With a wider ride pad, comes more surface area. This surface area can scrub speed potential...but, we have a fix for that. The new ride surface is now a shingled sponson, which will create better air turbulence under the ride pad, and keep the hull free from the water at speed. These changes make a great design, even better. No photos are uploaded yet of these changes, but will be shown when available.

    Features and Options of the GSX315v2:
    This hull uses new Truss Frame Technology, or TFT, available no where else but ML Boatworks. What is TFT you ask? It is an aircraft ply-lite ply-aircraft ply truss system, allowing the inner "forward to aft" structural frames to be widened out to around 6.5" vs. the competitions 4" opening, while increasing overall rigidity . This extra width allows for access behind the 4" wide, 1/4" thick built-in engine rails WITHOUT the need to remove the deck sheeting. This means no need to stress about mounting your motor in the wrong position and not being able to access blind nuts after your model is built. It means a wider radio box area, and also more usable transom width to push the rudder over an inch wider to the right (starboard side) getting it even more in line with the turn fin. Locating the rudder this far over increases stability in the turns around a race course, and stabilizes emergency left hand turning. These benefits will astound builders who have dealt with 4" openings in the past.

    With all the above features, you might say WOW...But not yet. This kit also has the option of 2 different center sections; A nitro center, or the FE center. Each center section has the cross member frames and engine rails located to the optimal location to properly fit your nitro engine, or the bulky lipo packs/ motor required to power this platform. This makes the boat perfectly fit your needs! NO one else in the industry does it like this...Neither wood kits, nor prebuilt fiberglass hulls...The GSX315v2 is the only one! Congratulate yourself, you just found Innovation at its finest!

    With its rock solid platform, you will be able to harness all the available power from your wildest .21 Nitro or 4s FE power plants. This boat is sized properly for the IMPBA and NAMBA sport 20 hydroplane classes, and it also fits the P FE power classes. Available as a complete kit with all wood frames, outside sheeting, and basswood sticks, with two optional center sections, and the choice of a canopy laid up in White Gel Coated fiberglass.

    To view the ML Boatworks GSX SERIES Build Manuals, PLEASE CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK:

    Recommended Hardware:
    *Speedmaster Mini Rudder
    *Speedmaster standard round bottom hydroplane Strut
    *Macomb Stainless Steel Sport 20 Turn Fin or Virginia Craftsman ( ) Sport 20 Turn Fin

    Extras Available:
    *A beautiful laser cut boat stand kit is available for this hull, kit # GSX-310S. (Stand requires 3/4" dowel rods and are not included). Add stand if needed using the drop down menu above.

    Length: 31.5"

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