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KL500 Gas Outboard Kneeler Hydroplane- 50" Kit

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KL500 Gas Outboard Kneeler Hydroplane- 50" Kit
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    This 50", 1/3 Scale outboard kneeler hydroplane kit is designed for stock 26cc gas engines, or FE motors. This hull has not been tested in this size as it was a request from a customer. The smaller version of this hull runs great, and the 50" version is a scaled up hull. All of the KL series kneelers are based off of modern full size kneeler designs as shown in the photos. Photos shown are of the KL350, however the KL500 is just a larger version, and will look the same, just bigger!

    This is a complete kit including all wood materials needed to build the hull. No radio box is included with the KL500. This is due to the cost being so expensive already as it takes more sheets of ply to cut than any other ML Boatworks kit currently available!

    To view the ML Boatworks KL Kneeler Build Manuals, PLEASE CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK:

    Recommended Hardware:
    *Use a Gas size lower unit like Arrowshark, MHZ or maybe a Lawless flex cable lower. This setup could also use an FE setup with a K&B 7.5 lower unit.
    Length: 50"

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