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1/10th Scale Newton 138/ MHR 8255 Extreme Kit

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This kit makes the following boats and possibly more that are not listed. The 100 series number matches the Newton Marine numbering. The 4 digit number matches the NAMBA Master Hull Roster.

1) 138-A, 8255, ’82 Oh Boy! Oberto U-88

2) 138-B, 8255, ‘82 Executone U-8

3) 138-C, 8255, ’83 Miss Rock KISW U-40

4) 138-D, 8255, ’83 Miss Houston U-40

5) 138-E, 8255, ’83 American Speedy Printing U-40 (Blue/White)

6) 138-F, 8255, ’83 American Speedy Printing U-40 (Red/Yellow)

7) 138-G, 8255, ’84 Oh Boy! Oberto U-40

8) 138-H, 8255, ’84 Team Velocity U-40

9) 138-I, 8255, ’84 Risely’s Express U-40

10) 138-J, 8255, ’85 Miss Rock U-100

11) 138-K, 8255, ’85 Coors Light U-100

12) 138-L, 8255, ’88 Pocketsavers Plus U-4

13) 138-M, 8255, ’89 Pietro’s Pizza U-146


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    *****************************************************E X T R E M E S E R I E S**********************************************************

    A special breed of scale hydroplane framing kits that include several extras to make them easiest building kits, most complete, and extra thought and effort put into the ride surfaces and framing! EXTREME SERIES kits include the following: All interior wood framing, center section bottom pan with toy tabbing. Basswood sticks and plywood for sheeting are required. This kit is also available in centered or offset engine well. See more information below!

    Chances are, you have heard about the quality of the ML Boatworks scale hydroplane kits. For the last few years, we have helped re-open the door for wood boat builders. These kits are made from top quality birch plywood and with the use of CAD, have excellent fitment. ML Boatworks Scale Hydroplane kits fit the general scale hydroplane rules for both NAMBA and IMPBA. We do modify "below the water line" ride surfaces to maximize hull efficiency and stability. Please see the NAMBA Master Hull Roster for all boats this kit makes. While only available as 1/8th scale plans, paint and sheeting sheets for this kit are available at Newton Marine plan sheets are to be considered the instruction manual for these kits, however all of our kits have a laser etched number system that helps the builder match up all the framework. You will want to take the Newton Marine plans and have them scaled down to 80% of their original size to closely match the 1/10th scale size! ML Boatworks works very close with Newton Marine, and we try to keep the frame numbering system close to their plan sheets. If you are an inexperienced builder, PLEASE contact ML Boatworks before ordering so we can guide you towards a kit that matches your experience level.

    Length: Most all 1/10th scale kits are between 34-37". ML Boatworks scale kits FIT THE MASTER HULL ROSTER!

    Hardware/Fiberglass/Wood Parts Recommended:

    *Speedmaster or Accu-tech 20 rudder

    *Speedmaster or Accu-tech 3/16" flat bottom hydroplane Strut (Modern Hulls may use the "Extended" style Strut)

    *Speedmaster or Accu-tech 3/16" flex cable and prop shaft

    *Virginia Craftsman ( ) or 1/10th Scale or Sport 20 or 40 Turn Fin

    * for cowling, rear wing, turbine tube, canards, stabilizer bar kits for rear wings

    *For this 1/10th scale kit, (2) sheets of 1/16" x 12" x 48" Birch Plywood are generally required. Available in the Accessories section.

    *For this kit, 3/16"x 3/16"x 48" Basswood Sticks are required. (2) bundles of 10 sticks are recommended. Available in the Accessories section.

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